Human rights


Our commitment


Novo Nordisk is committed to meeting its responsibility to respect human rights as defined by .  As such we will:

  • Identify potential and actual adverse human rights impacts that our operations may cause, contribute to or be directly linked to;
  • Use or establish processes to prevent or mitigate potential adverse impacts on human rights, where identified;
  • Seek to best remediate or participate in the remediation of any actual adverse human rights impacts that our business causes or contributes to;
  • Account for how we address our potential and actual impacts on human rights, where it will not put the people concerned at risk or damage legitimate requirements of commercial confidentiality;
  • Expect our business partners and other parties directly linked to our operations, products or services to meet their responsibility to respect human rights as described by ; including committing to respect all human rights, carrying out human rights due diligence and providing access to remedy when needed;
  • Use leverage to make other parties directly linked to our operations, products or services cease actions or omissions that lead to adverse impacts on human rights once we become aware of such impact.

The responsibility to respect human rights refers to all internationally recognised human rights, including but not limited to prohibition of forced, bonded or debt labour, slavery, servitude and human trafficking.

上海快3In implementing , we will pay particular attention to the rights of, as well as the challenges faced by, vulnerable groups whom we have impacts, such as children and patients, by referring to relevant United Nations instruments (e.g. ).

We expect every employee to understand this responsibility and thereby treat everyone with respect. We are accountable and we never compromise on business ethics, according to the company values expressed in Novo Nordisk Way



The responsibility of Human Rights is anchored under the Business Ethics Compliance Office (BECO) in Novo Nordisk. The human rights commitment is an integral part of the Business Ethics Code of Conduct and is overseen by the Business Ethics Committee.

This commitment is approved by Lars Fruergaard Jørgensen, President & CEO of Novo Nordisk。 (6 December 2018)


Our Human Rights Impacts

We conduct regular assessment of our risks and impacts on all human rights across our global processes and corporate functions. The assessment consists of desk research, expert and peer inputs.  

Among the human rights impacts we have identified, the following were determined as our salient human rights issues and important human rights impacts for 2019-2020. These have been prioritised for due diligence and reporting. Find out below how we manage each of these human rights issues and impacts:



Read our statement on Modern Slavery Acts

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