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For every 3,500–4,000 births, one child is born with growth hormone deficiency1. Growth hormone plays a crucial role in children's physical development, as well as in general physiological regulation throughout life. Insufficient growth hormone during childhood impairs growth significantly, but may also negatively affect the heart, lungs, bones, brain and overall body composition in people of all ages. Novo Nordisk began pioneering advances in growth hormone therapeutics more than 30 years ago, and three decades later our growth disorder treatments are still benefiting people around the world.


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Daily growth hormone injections have been shown to be effective and well tolerated2. However, clinical studies have demonstrated poor compliance in people with growth hormone related disorders using a once-daily injection regimen3,4, partly due to difficulties with injections5. This indicates a significant unmet need, as it has been reported that compliance with growth hormone therapy positively affects health outcomes, including growth6,7. In response, Novo Nordisk scientists have applied our long-standing expertise in protein engineering to develop a long-acting growth hormone suitable for once-weekly treatment. For people with growth disorders – many of whom are children – a reduced need for daily injections has the potential to increase treatment adherence and significantly improve health outcomes as a result.


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  Novo Nordisk first launched a biosynthetic human growth hormone in 1988

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